Thursday, April 22, 2010


OK, we have had our refferal for Camden 6 months and 3 weeks and still do NOT have a court date....Everytime I ask I am told 6-8 weeks how long can 6-8 weeks really mean? Casen is ready to have his baby brother home (while he is still a baby!) and mommy and daddy are even more ready!!!!!


  1. Girl, sounds like you, or Brandon need to get mean. That is just crazy. Set up a meeting and let them have it! Maybe that will get them going. Okay, so now I'm

  2. Your story is so familiar...we received our referral for a baby girl almost 5 months ago and we still do not have a court date. I wonder if they are in the same area. What agency are you using? We are using CWA and our baby is in Shashemene. Email me and let's The waiting is so very difficult. I'm just trying to trust God's timing...Shannon

  3. I hear ya sister! Shannon and I are from the same city and are friends and it has been hard waiting for a court date. I am with Hope adoption in MO and they gave me a referral on June 2, 2009. Yes, that has been 11 months with not one court date yet. Crazy is the word that keeps coming to my mind. What agency are you with? We are all doing some serious prayer time in Charlotte NC. :) I hope you hear good news soon.