Saturday, April 3, 2010

Travel talk

On to the trip home....

Leaving the hotel..headed to the airport! Poor child had no idea he was about to get on an airplane for a 17 hour flight!!!

We left Ethiopia at about 11pm Fri night. Casen was doing very well, his bed time is normally 8pm so for no nap that day and 3 hours past bed time...we were in good shape:)

Before the plane left the ground he was out:) We were sad that didn't last nearly long enough.....He usually sleeps 12 hours at night plus a 2 hour nap during the day so on our 27 hour trip home the 7 hours of sleep he got made for one cranky 3 year old!!!!

The first flight from Ethiopia to Washington was by far the worst! He slept about 5 hours then the other 12 was spent with us trying to occupy him and him being bored! Most of the flight was spent with screaming fits but there were short breaks of our normally happy Casen inbetween the screams.

There was about 2 hours spent with him in complete panic! He needed to go pee but was terrified of the flush on the toilet (it was way to loud for him.) There were a few nice Ethiopian women who tried to take him and explained it wouldn't hurt him but he refused to go in...He kept telling me he needed to go and as soon as we got a few rows from the bathroom he would turn and run back to our seats screaming! Well, he had a diaper on so we had someone tell him in Amharic to use his diaper and we would change it at our seats.. he told the man I don't want to use my diaper..I don't want to be changed! We felt so so bad for him so we finally held a towl around him at our seats and told him to go in a cup...I am aware this is gross but, you do what you have to! Problem solved!

Once we got to Ethiopia we had a 7 hour layover we went to the Hilton with another family who was so so kind (they paid for our room) and we ate a good meal with them...Thank you Maria and Tracey!!! This was Great for us we got to get showers and play and run around (Casen so badly needed to run!)

Obviously he was much happeier then during the flight! We got him to take a nap but unfortunitly we only had about an hour by the time he feel asleep. I carried him to and through the airport he slept probly 1.5 hours before waking up...Poor child the rest of the trip was awful for him, he was beyond exahusted!!! The whold time at the Washington airport was spent screaming, loudly!!!!! I felt bad for other passengers:(
But he finally fell back asleep and slept through his homecoming!!! Everyone at the airport was so excited to meet him and very disapointed that we refused to let him be awoken!!!!

When we got home we layed him on the couch while we talked to family..He slept right through it. Then they all left about midnight and he woke up about 30 seconds after the last guest left, he would have likly slept all night but I tryed to change his diaper without waking him...As soon as he saw all the toys that was it he was up:)

So , daddy fell asleep on the couch while Casen and I played...At about 6:30am I got him to go back to sleep where he stayed untill noon....Which was GREAT for mommy:) I got plenty of sleep in that way! And e has been on a normal sleep schedule 8:30pm-8am since that very next night:) So as far as time adjustment went as soon as we were home he did amazing!!!!!!!!!

Will post on the happenings since being home another day:)


  1. So happy he's sleeping well for you guys. That helps A LOT!!! Can't wait to see you guys again -- and Casen with his mommy and daddy this time!

  2. Okay Lady, We are practically neighbors and I still haven't seen this boy! It's time we hook up!